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We love hearing about the impact American Pals has on students and the insights they gather from connecting with someone from a different background through letters.



“American Pals has been an incredible addition to my classroom and curriculum. My students are so excited to receive their letters each month. As I hand out each letter, my students immediately become rapt in the writing from their partner. Thank you for adding such a human element to my classroom!”

High School Teacher, Vermont

“My students have loved receiving letters from their pen pals and learning about people whose lives are really different from their own while finding commonalities between them and their pals. The art of letter-writing has been dying out, so it's good for kids to have the experience of putting pen to paper and sharing personal stories.”

High School Teacher, Tennessee

"I am a language arts teacher, so I love the idea of inspiring writing in a different venue!"


Middle School Teacher, Alabama

"Exchanging letters across the country has helped my students see that there is more that connects us than separates us!"

Middle School Teacher, Alabama


“American Pals has been really fun for my students! Upon receiving our second batch of letters, one of my students said, This just made my week”. They enjoy getting to know people who live differently than them and sharing their own unique experiences.”

High School Teacher, California

“This was a wonderful way to connect students through the written word. My seniors are facing a big transition in their lives where they have to meet many new people - having these letters allow them to reflect on building connection with new people was a great gift.”


High School Teacher, California

"None of my students have ever been to the state where their pen pals live. Before we began the only thing anyone knew was the name of the college football team. Now they are learning so much about the people of that state. 
In particular they are learning how much they have in common with these kids who live somewhere they know nothing about."


High School Teacher, California


“American Pals is one of the best learning experiences I think I've had in my high school career. It's really nice to not have to look at a screen to have a conversation.”

“American Pals has been an awesome way to meet and connect with other people without making assumptions based on looks. It is a great way to talk and actually learn about a person without a biased opinion.”

“American Pals offers a great opportunity for students like me to experience a form of communication that is genuine and personal.”

"American Pals has offered a special opportunity for me to get to know the kind of person who I never thought I would meet."

“It's a fun and great way to meet people. You actually have to take time to get to know them and be patient. It's great!”


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